Leinster Badminton organises tournaments for juveniles and seniors every season for all levels of players. Please go to Events to find out when different tournaments will be played.


Leinster Badminton organises two Senior Open Tournaments each season – the Leinster Autumn Open and the Leinster Open Championship in the second half of the season. Both these events are ranked events and provide high quality competition for the elite players in Ireland.

Leinster Badminton also run 7 Graded Fun Tournaments throughout the season. All events are round robin open to divisions BI B and 2-10, where plenty of badminton is guaranteed to be had by all affiliated players.

The season begins with the Kick Start Tournament and is followed by the Oktoberfest and then the festive Christmas Bonanza. In the second half of the season you can compete in the Valentine’s Day event, then the St. Patrick’s Day event and finally the season closes with the Good Friday Tournament. Each event is run by a small team of volunteers who give up their time without hesitation and without whom these tournaments would not take place.


Three categories of tournaments are organised in Leinster for juvenile players. The first category includes the BI ranked events at U13, U15, U17 & U19.

The second category are non-ranked events and includes the Autumn Open & Easter Open which are open to all players nationally; and the Christmas Close which is open to squad & club players from Leinster only.

The third category is our newly launched Festival of Tournaments that consists of several tournaments across the season, and targets club players.

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For more information please visit Badminton Ireland Tournaments.