The County Affairs Committee (CAC) is a Sub-Committee of the Leinster Branch and is charged with running Inter County, Inter League & Individual Graded competitions and administering the points-based grading system on a provincial basis.

In the points-based system, all players will have been given an individual grade by their Club which is then ratified by their County and finally by CAC. This would mean that a Grade 4 player on 14 points in Laois would be of an equal standard to a player from Wexford on 14 points or any other county.

  • CAC - Inter-League
  • BI All-Ireland Inter-County - Leinster Badminton
  • CAC - Inter- County - Leinster Badminton
  • Inter-League 2014 - Leinster Badminton
  • Inter-County Qualifiers 2015 - Leinster Badminton
  • Inter-County Finals Day 2015 - Leinster Badminton


All club players need to be graded with the Leinster County Affairs Committee (CAC). This grade is necessary if players want to compete in any of the CAC competitions i.e. Leinster Inter-County, Leinster Inter-League and Leinster Graded Individuals. This also applies for Badminton Ireland (BI) competitions – players without a Leinster grade cannot be given a competitive grade in BI.

Leinster Badminton CAC

Players without points should notify their County with suggested points, who will verify points and then pass them on directly to the CAC registrar to be updated on the CAC website. This needs to be done before 30th November of each season, as this is the last date new registrations will be allowed for the season. Please also be aware that to compete in BI competitions for a season, players need to be affiliated with BI before 15th January of that season.


For more information on the Leinster County Affairs Committee please contact the Chairperson Walter at