International Women’s Day 2021 takes place on Monday the 8th of March. We would like all of our Clubs to get involved in promoting Badminton/International Women’s Day.  Badminton Ireland have asked if you would highlight someone from your club and promote their work for the club on International Women’s Day.

Sport Ireland have announced that the 8th-12th of March is going to Women in Sport Week. The Women in Sport Policy pillar we are targeting here is Visibility. Please increase the visibility of your club by taking part in this promotion and highlighting one of your club members. Please download the template from the link below, fill it in  and then post the notice to your Facebook or  Twitter Account and when doing so, please tag Badminton Ireland and Leinster Badminton.

If you or anyone in your club have any ideas of other ways we can promote International Women’s Day, please do not hesitate to contact Sarah: