Registration for the meeting

You have already received the link to register and it is also on the Website. The online voting option will remain available until 6pm to-morrow Saturday June 26th. After  6pm, the registration option will close , no further requests to register will be accepted/processed.



 Voting will take place during the meeting as normal and guidelines/assistance will be available as required.

Nominating a Representative  

If you are unable to attend and wish to nominate a representative, you must  submit a request to do so. This request must be before received by 6pm on Saturday 26th . The request must be sent to the and you will receive an acknowledgement of same.


All other elements of the Voting Rules remain unchanged and below are the two key Rules extracted from the current Rules.


The person who has been advised to the Branch, as the Secretary of the club, who must be a fully affiliated member of that club, shall be presumed to be the Club voting Representative unless the Branch is otherwise informed. (See Rule 2.13.1).


A substitute for a voting representative of a Club may act in the absence of the representative provided such substitute is a fully affiliated member of the same Club and is authorised in writing to deputise for the representative. Such authorisation must be received before the start of the meeting.


Q & A

 The webinar has been set up  in a way that  Questions  can be taken and answered.

If you have any final query please email to


Betty Luttrell

Acting General Secretary