SGM 2020



TAKE NOTICE that at a Special General Meeting of the Leinster Branch, Badminton Union of Ireland (“the Branch”) will be held



Friday 7th February 2020


at 8pm at the Terenure Badminton Centre, Whitehall Road, Terenure,


In accordance with the Rules of the Branch, the Executive committee will propose the following motion:

“That the Branch agree to sell a site of 0.4 acres approximately at Terenure Badminton Centre, shown edged in red on the map attached to this Motion, to Victoria  Homes Limited for the sum of €1,100000.00 (One Million One Hundred Thousand  Euro) for the construction of six houses thereon, subject to the obtainment of Planning Permission and further subject to access for the said development being provided at the rear of the site”.



January 16th 2020


thumbnail of LBBUI- Site Map Jan 2020